MANUEL AND THE PEARL by Louise Stinetorf


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Manuel's father was a pearl diver, and although he had passed his prime, he was the one who found the spectacular pearl, the Pink Lady, for which he would receive a bonus large enough to buy a homestead for the family. Manuel's father was also the one who was to bring the pearl safely into the city, but who apparently dropped it--and his hopes-- into the ocean. A cockfight saves the family. When Manuel's father had to return the strong cock on which he had based his challenge, Manuel decided to save the family honor by entering the bedraggled old pet which belonged to his half-witted aunt. When the bird died, the pearl was found in its gizzard. Squeamish readers may be a little repelled by some of the details, but the story is lightened by the teasing tone and presents aspects of life in the Mexican community.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1966
Publisher: John Day