THE FAR JOURNEY by Loula Grace Erdman


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A companionable period piece returns to 1880 and Joins with Jessie Montgomery as she makes the ""far Journey"" from Missouri to Texas to Join her husband, Edward. Gently and protectively reared, Jessie's marriage to the Yankee-IriSh carpenter's son had never been completely approved or accepted by her mother. Ed sets out for Texas and is unable to come for her so Jessie and their son Ned follow him with her Uncle Willie in a covered wagon. Halfway there, Uncle Willie is killed- in an attempt to save another woman, but Jessie does not turn back and braves a wilderness route alone through Indian country. Ned almost dies, a drunk follows her and attacks her and steals her team which is returned to her by two cowboys who then assume her escort; and it is Just as well as the horses and wagon are lost in a flash flood crossing a river. And when she finally reaches Mobeetie and Ed, it is to find that he has lost his claim- but a new future opens up for them both.... Courage stiffens this calico which is styled to suit women readers who will find it likable. Its choice by the People's Book Club will confirm this.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1955
Publisher: Dodd, Mead