THE PROMISE OF BUBER by Lowell D. Streiker


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Martin Buber was that rara avis, an ecumenical theologian. Certainly the best known and most popular Jewish theologian of this century, he has had an enormous impact on both Protestant and Catholic thinkers. In this introduction to the thought of Buber, Mr. Streiker allows us to see where his popularity derives by a careful yet easily intelligible synthesis of Buber's central teachings, such as that on the dialogic essence of human personality (viz., the famous I-Thou coinage) and on the inseparability of the God-man encounter from the responsibilities of man for man. There are in existence more detailed, and certainly more critical, expositions of Buber's thought; yet, Mr. Streiker's work deserves attention for its combination of comprehensiveness and brevity--qualities which will commend it to the student as well as to the layman--as well as for its precision of statement.

Pub Date: May 5th, 1969
Publisher: Lippincott