JESUS AND OUR HUMAN NEEDS by Lowell Russell Ditzen


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The purpose of life, all human life, can best be found in the teaching and example of Jesus. Dr. Lowell R. Ditzen has written in this key extensively in this field of Christian inspiration and motivation for better living, and this latest addition should be as helpful as many have found his earlier volumes to be. Among the human needs for which a man seeks satisfaction are a sense of purpose, harmony, serenity, forgiveness, reward, simplicity, freedom from fear, need for approval. Jesus has something vital and significant to say about all these needs, and the history of human experience indicates that man's surest satisfactions come when the search and the object of the search meet in Christ. Dr. Ditzen is not only religiously but psychologically oriented toward human problems, a combination which commends his approach to the average reader who is bound to have his share of unmet needs.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Crowell