THE HORSE: Its Action and Anatomy by Lowes D. Luard

THE HORSE: Its Action and Anatomy

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With only 150 numbered copies to be imported for sale in this country under the Derrydale imprint, you will have to get advance orders at once to avoid disappointing your customers. It is a book that every stable owner, manager, and polo player should have, that every Hunt should put at the disposal of its members in its library. It will be extremely valuable and interesting to the veterinary and artist, too. There are 80 illustrations in color and block drawings. The anatomical charts are excellent and expertly handled. After all this you will expect dull reading, but Mr. Luard's text is easy and enlightening -- full of surprises too -- even the delightful sketches of cats are a bit unexpected in such serious sounding horse book. There are chapters on the frame, action and mechanics, the skeleton, the muscles, proportion, movement and art. Good sound business -- nothing like it available.

Publisher: Derrydale