GO IN PEACE by Loyal Davis


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Dr. John Cutter, a country practitioner in Gates City, Illinois, at the turn of the century has dedicated his life to this community, and while medicine may have moved on beyond him, he has a wisdom which cannot be learned in any book. He has also loved- for forty years- Mary Campbell, Mary who is now dying of an inoperable cancer of the stomach. She asks him to alleviate and expedite the death which can only be slow and painful- and he faces the morality of an act which has no legal sanction. As the weeks pass, he brings young Dr. Gunning to help share his practice- and his romance with Mary's daughter affords pleasure to Mary- and to John; John goes to the city for help for Mary but finds none that science can offer; and he then returns to ease her death, dies himself of a heart attack after administering the fatal hypo.... Doctoring, doctored up with sentiment, suffering and a benign salvation keep this (corn) ball rolling towards a susceptible audience already conditioned by Lionel Barrymore and the morning soap opera.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1954
Publisher: Putnam