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There is definite contemporary interest in a recreation of the deadly parallels between the situation today and the period presented in this personalized recapitulation of the history of the end of the last war and the peace which was lost. With descriptive detail, dialogue between proponents, the authors inject human realistic values which were lacking in the Bensal book, UNFINISHED BUSINESS (P. ). Wilson's cause, an idealistic internationalism, the recurrent distrust and maligenent of Russia, Republicans again defeating national interest for party interest, democracy again confronting ""British tradition, French realism and Italian avarice"", and the survival of German Prussianism. This is the story of the struggle at home, as the Fourteen Points are opposed by Lodge, T.R. Roosevelt and their adherents; of the House negotiations and his initial victory; of Wilson's fight at the Paris Peace Conference for the League, and the hardwon victory, which met defeat and repudiation at home; and finally, his last campaign to sell the League to the people -- and failure when illness made it impossible for him to continue. The popular appeal of this is open to conjecture. The presentation, in virtual ""March of Time"" manner should catch the interest of those usually allergic to recreated history.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1944
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace