WAR YEARS WITH JEB STUART by Lt. Col. Wm. W. Blackford


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Written years ago, this material in the possession of the author's family, is only now made available for that public whose interest is in all Civil War material and its ramifications. This not only records the strategy of the famous Jeb Stuart and his Cavalry, the many engagements from the first battles to Lee's surrender, but provides an intimate picture of soldiers of both sides, civilians, the monotony, dangers and welcome comforts of military life, of interesting characters, of the invaluable horses, the spirit and activities of the men. Three years with Stuart, leaving him shortly before his death to work with mining and counter-mining of fortifications, the author gives first hand detailed scrutiny appraisal, of military actions, battlefield behavior, and the meaning of the war in northern Virginia. There are loving, sympathetic descriptions of Stuart, of the changing atmosphere as Union troops become more practised, better equipped. An intimate chronicle of a military family and four years of war -- a distinctive note in the library of Civil War recordings.

ISBN: 143670782X
Publisher: Scribner