WAR AND PEACE IN THE SPACE AGE by Lt. General James M. Gavin


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War and strategy in our times suddenly assume a startling new dimension. It is to remind the public at large of the urgent need for military readjustment that James Gavin resigned his generalship in the United States Army and undertook to write War and Peace in the Space Age. Based on the thesis that in order to fight ""limited"" rather than ""global"" war we must be prepared not to simplify but to expand our resources to permit maximum mobility and flexibility, Gavin stresses the ever- growing importance of missiles. Writing with authority, Gavin makes frequent digressions to autobiographical material -- his Pennsylvania mining background, his West Point career and his service in the army. Summarizing his position, Gavin pleads for ""economic and technical assistance programs...closely co-ordinated with strategic planning...(which) should reflect a full awareness of crucial importance of space, of psychology, and of technology. Technology should reflect our awareness of the current economic situation, the need for careful planning in the use of resources and, finally, the compelling sensitivity.....to winning in the technological race.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1958
Publisher: Harper