YANKEE FIGHTER by Lt. John F. Hasey


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True story of a fairly widely publicized today's hero, this poses as nothing lit'ry but a good action story. Bluff, breezy, colloquial record of a young man from Massachusetts, who went to France to learn the language, stayed to sell on commission for Cartier, and found himself impelled to action when the Finnish invasion caught his imagination. He signed up with an American ambulance unit of four; a broken arm ended days of good and driving work and he returned home for a short time. Then France again prior to its collapse, and escape to England to sign up with De Gaulle and his Free French Foreign Legion, Off to Africa, and into the desert where the Legion took Massawa from the Italians; Syria, where Hasey was critically wounded, his jaw shot away, his vocal cords destroyed -- and a period of hospitalization, surgery, the Croix de Guerre. In somewhat same category as Robert Newman's Far from Home.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1942
Publisher: Little, Brown