I SERVED ON BATAAN by Lt. Juanits Redmond


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This -- so far as I know -- is the first army nurse's story. The experiences, simply told, and with no insistence on either the horrors or the heroism of the ordeal, make holding reading. First in Manila, then Bataan, where an emergency hospital was created from nothing; evacuation just in time, and another provisional hospital created; problems of shortage of supplies, food and drugs, complications of malaria and gangrene, stories of the wounded and their stoicism, and finally the story of the deliberate bombing of the hospital which left only 65 beds out of 1600. The fall of Bataan -- the fall of Corregidor -- and the escape of the nurses who were flown out during the last hours of the Philippine stand. This should find wide popular interest, not only in the profession.

Pub Date: March 3rd, 1943
Publisher: Lippincott