THE NAVY HUNTS THE CGR 3070 by Lt. Lawrence Thompson


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A stoic, dramatic tale of the sea in the story of a 57-foot yawl, the Zaida, a yachtsman's favorite, which was donated to the Coastal Pickets, that Hooligan's Navy of small boats of all kinds manned by ineligibles for the Services who were bent on action somehow. And they got it, those nine men of the 3070, as damaged in a winter hurricane, with three of their number injured, they were blown out to sea and lost their bearings. Located by a destroyer after several days, towed, and then left behind and lost, they made abortive efforts to transmit on a broken radio set, and eventually met up with a convoy, North Africa bound. Once again they were left behind, this time by a hurricane, and after 81 days of storm, hunger, bitter cold, they were located by a B 17 in the Army-Navy search, three hundred miles from nowhere. They finally were blown into Hatteras on their own. Exciting true narrative, with appeal beyond the war interest, for sailing men.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran