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MY DAD IS THE BEST PLAYGROUND by Luciana Navarro  Powell


by Luciana Navarro Powell & illustrated by Luciana Navarro Powell

Age Range: 1 - 3

Pub Date: May 8th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-307-93090-3
Publisher: Robin Corey/Random

Whether through horseplay or a kiss, this hip dad physically expresses his affection.

He flings open his children's bedroom door, and the pajama-clad youngsters race to him with open arms. Daddy, dressed in jeans and a tie, throws his whole body into the play; he swings his children by the hands and uses his stomach as monkey bars. It's no wonder this son and daughter repeatedly express heartfelt adoration. “My dad is the best, / my favorite playground.” High-energy antics draw to a calming close; little arms drape over Daddy's back as he carries them to bed. Refreshingly, this dad is the sole caregiver in each scene, modulating from exuberance to somnolence with expertise. “He's as comforting as a snuggle / or a story that we've read.” He's also apparently relaxed in his child-rearing; a scribbled drawing on the wall (and lone crayon on the floor) receives no comment. Hazy, creamy backgrounds keep the emphasis on the personal interactions instead of the impersonal decor.

This late-night roughhousing romp speaks volumes about a father's love. (Board book. 1-3)