SHADOW 81 by Lucien Nahum


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A great plane robbery, officially ""unprecedented"" and unofficially improbable, but you'll forget all about that while you read it. Soon after first met, clean-cut Grant Fielding, who's been efficiently strafing the North Vietnamese for 'some time, disappears into thin air in his plane which is capable of blowing itself up. When next seen in Hong Kong he's buying two ships, one of which he sinks without a trace en route to the Paracel archipelago where he spends some three weeks. He next appears as Shadow 81 over Los Angeles International, threatening to hijack the 747 he's tailing unless twenty million--repeat twenty million--in gold is delivered to him in a small Widgeon amphibian. All before time, fuel (and his bladder) run out. And in the last phase of this extravagant operation, he submits to becoming a North Vietnamese prisoner as the cover which will enable him to return stateside--to the gold--and the uneasy partnership one might never have suspected with one of our generals. A grandiose story, to be sure, but fine seat-of-the-pants entertainment with not a moment to lose.

Pub Date: July 4th, 1975
Publisher: Doubleday