THE COAT I WORE by Lucile Finlay


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A tiny facet of America's history- the colony of loyal Englishmen, to whom property around Natchez was awarded after the French-Indian wars, and the fall of Quebec. Hastings, the central figure, is throughout a Loyalist- and the story spans the period of the American Revolution, the opening up of new frontiers. Hastings has encounters with marauding Indians; he saves a girl at point of death- and when she nurses him through serious illness, he marries her, only to find- too late- that his old love, an English lady of high degree (but not such high morals) would after all have been accessible. She returns to England- having hinted at the fact that her youngest son was his child; he spurns the thought, and centers all on love for his place. Then- in England- he finds that Jeffrey is his son- and brings him back to America- and a new life. There's color and flavor and a good picture of a Loyalist in America; the story is many faceted melodrama, fairly superficial on score of characterization and plot.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1947
Publisher: Scribner