THREE WISHES by Lucille Clifton


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Everybody knows there's such a thing as luck. . . . Find a penny on the New Year Day (and if it has your birth date on it) you can make three wishes on it and the wishes will come true!"" And so in natural black English Zenobia tell how ""it happened to me"" and how she has spent her wishes. The first, ""just halfway jokin"" with her friend Victor, makes the sun come out; the second, regretted at once, slips out when she and Victor are arguing about the first: ""Man I wish you would get out of here!""--and he does. Then Mama, sounded on the one best wish, opts for good friends; Nobie takes the hint, ""and who do you think come bustin down the street grinning at me"" but Victor, looking cool as you please on this final page. Douglas, who illustrated Clifton's Good, Says Jerome (1973), alternates black line and wash with double pages of vibrant crayon and magic marker, and gives her rough-sketched figures double outlines of zappy color--again recalling Steptoe, but with nothing like his strength. But the color packs a punch, and Noble and Victor have an easier, sassy personality of their own.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1976
Publisher: Viking