WEB OF EVIL by Lucille Emerick


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A competent novel of Pennsylvania collieries and marriage haunted by a of hatred, envy and mistrust, and a sense of brooding threat and evil that recalls Young Caroline, in spite of an accepted engagement, marries Jonathan Warren, is isola in his home near Johnstown. There she has to cope with the vindictiveness of his Aunt Hattie, the feebleness of Aunt Ely, the darting viciousness of his half brother, Jed. She sees Jonathan always retreating before her wish to understand his coal business, to be a part of his labor and financial troubles. She finds Jed sometimes too amorpus, often too bitter as to his lot as younger brother. And Aunt Hat is omnipresent in her wrong emphasis on every aspect of her marriage to Jonathan. The birth of their child does not help; Jonathan rather than sell his mines decides to close them, and with the killing of a labor organizer and Jonathan's suspected guilt, Caroline is at last the key to the W world. The famous flood, photographically described

Pub Date: July 22nd, 1948
Publisher: Doubleday