THE CITY BEYOND by Lucille Kmorick


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Some familiar faces -- and synthetic situations -- warmed over and on occasion up in turn of the century story of revenge and romance. For Grant Monroe, who had made some big, bright money in the sugar trade, decides to use it where it will do some good-in cleaning up city politics in St. Louis, and where it will hurt -- in ruining Harlan Jenkins, a corrupt broker responsible for the death of Grant's father. Marrying Jenkins' laughter. Theodora, because he loves her and not to spite her, Grant finds that Theodora's heart belongs to Daddy. But while she bristles imperiously during the weeks that follow, she is finally forced to admit her father's venal to criminal misconduct, and it in Grant who brings about his political and financial downfall...External entertainment, and a low rental proposition.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1952
Publisher: Henry Holt