THE SHINING TREE: A Christmas Story by Lucille Papin Borden

THE SHINING TREE: A Christmas Story

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An early holiday entry for the conservative reader, in the form of an old line tear jerker, a story of the first arrivals from Luzon, among them a little six year old girl, shocked out of memory and sight. She is picked up in the Penn Station, New York, by Tommy a newspaper boy, and taken by him to his boarding house, where she wins the hearts of all. They determine to keep her to themselves until after Christmas, and plan to center their plans on her happiness at that time. Meantime, her selfish old grandfather has learned through his housekeeper of her existence, of the death of his daughter and unwanted son-in-law in the Japanese attack, and of the mystery surrounding the child's trip back and her disappearance. At the close, all are brought together as the grandfather plays Santa Claus de luxe to the child's new friends. Underlined, as it would be, with seasonal and religious connotations.

Pub Date: Nov. 24th, 1942
Publisher: Macmillan