THE FENCE LIZARD: A Cycle of Seasons by Lucille Trost

THE FENCE LIZARD: A Cycle of Seasons

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In the wake of A Cycle of Seasons: The Little Brown Bat (1971), yet another zoological biography -- this one definitely on the poetic side. Instinct, ""the deep understanding of her body,"" prompts a female lizard to lay her eggs, thus beginning the inevitable saurian chain of hatching, insect eating, tail regeneration (when some campers accidentally pull off the first), molting and mating. Whether it was necessary to intersperse these activities with descriptions of sunrises, sunsets, encroaching Spring and waning Autunm is a matter of taste. Perhaps it's in the nature of the beast, but the fence lizard proves far less entertaining than his chiropteran predecessor.

Pub Date: March 15th, 1972
Publisher: Young Scott