SNOOT IF YOU MUST by Lucius Beebe


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A collection of pieces, long, short, down to bon mots, by the bright boy and luminary of the de luxe whose name is synonomous with caf‚ society. A ""worldly and carnal-minded reporter"" on anything from the old Empire Theatre to the Turkish Bath, Gertrude Stein's Four Saints in Three Acts to Hollywood premieres; lots of material on cafe society, the where and the who from ""21"" and E1 Morocco and The Stork to their frequenters, -- Noel Coward, the Grand Duchess Marie, Robert Benchley, and anybody who is anybody in a milieu where accomplishment counts more than blue blood or money. Bleeck's raffish Artists & Writers Club where the ""best minds and worst kidneys"" of the professions meet; fine foods and elegant restaurateurs, the cocktail circuit, Elsa Maxwell's balls, etc. etc. Smart stuff, definitely ""upper"", largely cosmopolitan.

Pub Date: Nov. 22nd, 1943
Publisher: Appleton-Century