THE DROPOUT: Causes and Cures by Lucius F. Cervantes

THE DROPOUT: Causes and Cures

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The high school dropout is ""the new minority"" and even though he is found in the economically disadvantaged, substandard community, the economic interpretation is ""singularly inadequate."" This book summarizes and analyzes the findings of a subsidized research project based on 300 cases and evaluates their family situation (minimal understanding, acceptance, communication); the ""family-friend system""- i.e. friends; school histories; the youth culture; sexual behavior; etc. etc. along with the results of thematic apperception tests. One overall conclusion is that usually there is a ""deficiency orientation""--the dropout feels he does not belong; and there are suggested remedial solutions in many areas, the community, the school, federal government. Unquestionably useful if only at the professional level.

Publisher: Univ. of Michigan