WOMAN IN LOVE by Lucy Cores


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A cardiogram which charts the affair of Bennet, young, vulnerable, available, and Richard Green, a four-bit Romeo, against a bright modern background and with a fashionable finesse. For Bennet, it is only heartbreak, from the first time when she realizes Richard is eyeing other women, to the cold comfort of knowing that she is nice to have around- and in bed, on to the finality of his marriage to another woman. Marrying Philip, four years later, Bennet is appreciative if unresponsive to his love for her, walks out on him when Richard comes back to her- having separated from his wife, and they take up their old relationship which this time is edged by bitterness. And when Richard returns to his wife, Bennet is left again- but this time is free of the obsessive, exclusive hold he had exerted... A worldly, sometimes nasty, but at all times alluring anatomy of love- this is a custom made commodity for the women.

Publisher: Harper