THE MIND by Lucy. Freeman


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The sphere and scope of psychoanalysis as delineated by twelve case histories little known to the general public, described by a veteran analysand and author in the field. Lucy Freeman first refers to Freud's discovery of healing ""by uncovering the unconscious fears and wishes of the mind,"" then presents examples of psychic disturbance from neurotic hysteria to childhood schizophrenia, their expression in repression and regression, their treatment through psychoanalytic transference and free association. Psychoanalysts have studied and treated kleptomaniacs (if love is lacking, steal it), criminal psychopaths, homosexuals, the elderly, the family. The most harrowing case here describes ""emotional contagion"" rampant in a family of four, of whom three were hospitalized, one declined into death partially from ""psychic terror."" Wulf Sachs' study of an African medicine man (witch doctor) underscores the sameness at the heart of things, in the struggle for identity whether one is born ""in a remote savannah or the heart of the world's largest city."" The case for psychoanalysis is stated unquestioningly; for camp followers.

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1967
Publisher: Crowell