THE AMERICAN JEW by Ludwig Lewisohn


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From the author of The Island Within which brought home to many Jews and non-Jews certain basic psychological conflicts, this new book provides another contribution to the mass of controversial material dealing with the question of divided loyalties, brought into sharp focus since the founding of the state of Israel, Lewisohn is himself a controversial figure, and although the views presented are to some readers extreme expressions of a newly evolved but traditionalist viewpoint, this is sure to excite comment and interest. In fiery, sometimes bombastic prose, Mr. Lewisohn calls for spiritual rebirth through adherence to the forms and spirit of the Law. He takes a firm stand against ""assimilation"", scoring the subsequent loss of ""Jewishness"", a manifestation of both Divine concept and a culture. He feels that if the spiritual core of Judaism is realized by an inward turning to the moving forces of Jewish culture, American Jews may offer a more concrete and valuable contribution to the world's spiritual society. He pleads for unity of American Jews through spiritual understanding. Controversial material-at times inflammatory, but demands attention.

Pub Date: Nov. 2nd, 1950
Publisher: Farrar, Straus