HITLER: Man of Strife by Ludwig Wagner

HITLER: Man of Strife

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A full-length biography of the man Hitler, from childhood to the Russian campaign. As the first thorough study since Heiden's biography in 1926, this should claim attention, even though the dogmatic statements sometimes seem to assume too much hearsay as fact. As a record, it is vigorous and perceptive. The author is an Austrian, and knows the background from which Hitler came. Through personal contacts with people, who had known him as a child, he reconstructs a realistic picture of his youth, uncovering some new facts. He follows in detail his struggles in Vienna as inmate of an asylum for the homeless he gives a step by step record of his political climb to power, some of it already known, some a more personal psychological study. So personal a study is it, that of itself, it seems to throw doubt on the possibility of one man knowing so much that is generally unknown.

Publisher: Norton