THIS WORLD IS MINE by Luigi Creatore


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Not in competition with some of the more impressive inquiries into insanity, this still communicates some of the curiosity of unbalance and is a direct, absorbing anatomy of amnesia, in which Victor Blake, former Navy corpsman, comes back to consciousness in San Francisco with a total blackout of the past. Taken to a navy hospital, and placed in a ward where others have ""rocks in the head"". Victor is put under the treatment of gentle, persistent Dr. Mader -- who with varying techniques tries to bring back his past. Here is one recall to the sinking of the Arizona, the salvaging of burned survivors; there's the refusal to remember other episodes, or the girl he's married- and the persistent conviction that his own world of oblivion is a happier one. Planning an escape with another inmate, he is blocked in his attempt by drugs, and in the doctor's office reunion with his wife accomplishes the start of the way back... A tensely nerved, single-focussed story of dislocation; compelling reading.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1947
Publisher: Rinehart