PATHWAY TO JUDGEMENT: A Study of Earl Warren by Luther A. Huston

PATHWAY TO JUDGEMENT: A Study of Earl Warren

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Mr. Huston, who was for four years Director of Public Information for the Department of Justice and who, according to the jacket copy, is a personal friend of Chief Justice Warren, has written that kind of biography--good press/good friend. The last one like it at the adult level was LBJ's ways and days indulgently limned by good buddy William S. White. Aside from that example, a reading of the book produces memories of the fulgent portraits offered to young teen readers and hopefully labeled ""biography."" In these, as in Mr. Huston's book, one senses the presence of off stage villains, critics and political enemies who are never identified or examined yet stoutly argued against while the subject is argued for. Unfortunately, there is a great deal more to be said for Earl Warren than a run down of his squeaky clean physique and his clean-clear-through record can provide. The mere fact that he survived and triumphed in the mare's nest of California politics for so long indicates a political intelligence surpassing the Boy Scout postures indicated here. Further, to emerge as the hero of the Supreme Court, as Mr. Huston whould obviously like him to, Warren's critics, from kooks to Constitutional scholars, would have to have the benefit of an open hearing, which they aren't given here. Verdict 920--more admiring than admirable.

Pub Date: July 8th, 1966
Publisher: Chilton