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by Lydia Sharp

Pub Date: Jan. 3rd, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-338-04749-3
Publisher: Scholastic

When SoCal native Gabi moves to Alaska, she expects to always be a fish out of water, but in just a short time, she learns to call the frozen tundra home.

In an effort to escape the paparazzi, hungry for gossip about her movie-star mother’s recent divorce, Latina Gabi and her father move to Anchorage to hide out until the storm passes. There Gabi meets her next-door neighbor Kai. His joyful energy keeps Gabi from depression as winter approaches. But when he disappears, she must turn to his reclusive twin, Hunter, for help. Together they piece together Kai’s plan—to find their Tlingit father in the wilderness. The only problem is that Kai and Hunter’s father has been dead for nearly a year. They decide to follow Kai, unsure of what they will find. While the story of the healing power of love rings true, the cascade of events that leads two Alaska natives into the wilderness with no food, no phone, and no plan is unlikely. And while Gabi might be more at home on the beach than in the Arctic, her ignorance is annoyingly over-the-top.

A hopeful premise damaged by an improbable plot and unlikely characters.

(Fiction. 12-16)