YOU CAN DRINK AND STAY HEALTHY: A Guide for the Social Drinker by

YOU CAN DRINK AND STAY HEALTHY: A Guide for the Social Drinker

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A knowledgeable guide to the use of alcohol in ""moderate"" amounts -- though more conservative physicians might question the delineation of ""moderate"" as two or three drinks daily. Linn is unequivocal in his description of alcohol as a ""poison,"" albeit one that your body can detoxify in limited amounts. He details the process by which alcohol is eliminated from the stomach and oxidized by the liver; the indirect procedure by which alcohol produces weight gain (alcoholic calories are always burned up, never converted to glycogen and stored -- but their burning means that more of the food calories get stored); and the vitamin deficiencies that drinkers must cope with (most serious of all, the B group). Yes, there are diet and vitamin plans that allow for drinking without sacrificing nutrition or courting obesity; and, no -- in the myths-dispelled department -- alcohol is not a diuretic, nor will oxygen or coffee sober you up more quickly. According to Linn, alcohol can produce a hypoglycemic reaction in individuals already disposed that way; and some researchers count a decrease in sexual arousal as a side effect of alcohol consumption. Informative and persuasive.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1979
Publisher: Watts