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by Lynette AvisDavid Brown

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1477219133
Publisher: AuthorHouseUK

In this self-help guide, debut authors Avis and Brown combine scientific research and holistic mental-health strategies to help readers connect with their inner selves.

The book offers the expected meditation methods and strategies, but it also contains much more. The authors come to the subject of inner peace from many angles, combining principles of Reiki, martial arts, meditation, yoga and chakra research to create a workbook that guides rather than preaches. They begin, in the introduction, by taking the reader through an explanation of life energy and the way it flows, changes and affects its environment. They urge readers to reconsider the definition of the self-help buzzword “balance” as they explain what they see as the inevitable imbalance of the universe and the pendulum swing of energy that keeps its multiple forces aligned. In the book’s first chapter, the authors makes an intriguing argument that plants and  nonhuman animals live in harmony with the laws of energy, but ego has caused human society to ignore this natural balance. The dominant, analytical left side of the brain has diminished the use of the right side, which encourages the use of the senses, creativity and intuition, they write; the left side must be quieted for people to finally find harmony. The book tackles the importance of sensing and feeling “vibrations” in the environment and then launches into a study of self-connection, encouraging readers to find their real selves inside the false selves that their egos have created. Avis and Brown also offer multiple spoken and silent meditation exercises. The book’s best feature may be the organization and progression of its topics; by the end, readers will likely have a firm foundation for understanding practices that encourage inner peace.

A successful, well-organized meditation guide.