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WHISPER by Lynette Noni


by Lynette Noni

Pub Date: May 1st, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-77138-938-9
Publisher: KCP Loft/Kids Can

For more than two years, Jane Doe, aka subject Six-Eight-Four, has been subjected to daily interrogation and painful medical experiments in a secret government laboratory.

Lengard, the underground facility where she’s incarcerated, has stripped Jane of all comforts except the invigorating pleasures of combat training with dark-skinned Enzo, one of her captors. She remains silent for the authorities’ protection as well as her own, knowing that her voice possesses dangerous powers. Perpetual harsh treatment has made it easy to keep her guard up until she is assigned a new therapist: Attractive Landon Ward, blond, green-eyed, and close in age to 18-year-old Jane, is assigned to break through her defenses using kindness and patience. He arranges for Jane to move into his sister’s comfortable apartment in the facility and even takes her on an excursion aboveground with his young cousins. Pale-skinned, blue-eyed Jane is shocked to learn she’s been held captive in the heart of downtown Sydney, Australia. In a dramatic incident on a bustling street, she saves the life of Ward’s niece, but this changes their relationship in unexpected ways. Ward has manipulated her once; is he doing so again?

Readers willing to overlook rubber science are rewarded with appealing characters and an intriguing, twisty plot that builds to a suspenseful, cliffhanger ending.

(Science fiction. 13-18)