THE NEW ASSERTIVE WOMAN by Lynn Z.; Karen Coburn & Joan Pearlman Bloom


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You take a little behavior mod, some transactional analysis, techniques of listening, body language, rational emotive therapy and you've got a women's assertiveness training program that proposes its own ""Bill of Rights"" to get women out from under their husbands, stifling parents, patronizing employers or pushy friends. There are lots of questionnaires (""What are my longterm goals?""), case histories of ladies who didn't have the guts to say No, charts outlining the characteristic behaviors of assertive, non-assertive and outright aggressive women, relaxation exercises, reflection exercises (that's learning to respond with an ""Uh-huh"" or ""Oh, really?""), instructions on role-playing and a transcribed conversation among a group who used to be afraid to talk about sex before they started down this pop curative road to letting it all hang out. This handbook seems geared for the consciousness-raising sewing circle rather than the individual; it's not what you'd call substantive but like most of these mild-mannered advisers for the not quite neurotic, it won't hurt even if it won't help.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1975
ISBN: 1935235044
Publisher: Delacorte