THE BROCKHURST FILE by Lynne Adair Kramer


A Mat Ladies Novel
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All’s fair in love and war in Kramer and Mincer’s witty new novel.

Lucy Bennett is a tough, no-nonsense divorce lawyer. Her firm, Bennett & Birnbaum, is filled with smart and tenacious women who go the extra mile for their clients, even the high-maintenance ones. And Skippy Brockhurst, a wealthy divorcée, is about as demanding as they come. Lucy represented Skippy in her divorce from Everett Brockhurst, a rich yet troubled playboy. This time around, Skippy fears their young son, Beau, is in danger. Her former lover Gary believes Beau may be his and demands a DNA test to confirm his suspicions. Lucy reluctantly wades into the complicated lives and politics of the affluent Brockhurst family once more, assuring Skippy that they’ll protect Beau from any outside threats. Yet a sudden accident changes the nature of the custody battle, and Lucy finds herself representing the charming and sincere Gary in a messy family dispute. The powerful Brockhursts stand behind Everett despite his clear incompetence as a father. Skippy’s sister Georgina has troubles of her own at home. The situation is made more complicated by a meddling housekeeper and the scores of other challenging clients Bennett & Birnbaum must manage in between dealings with the Brockhurst family. Mincer and Kramer, who clearly know the ins and outs of matrimonial and family law, present a likable cast of lawyers and an amusing group of interesting (and frequently crazy) clients. Lucy comes across as genuine, honest and determined, the type of idealized lawyer that often appears in the world of fiction. She adeptly handles her clients and colleagues at work, though the demands in her professional life present a challenge to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Those juggling career and family can relate to the missed lunches, last-minute shopping trips and mad dashes to make tipoff at a youth basketball game. Kramer and Mincer’s narrative of money, power and politics feels ripped from the headlines, leading readers down a twisty plot path that keeps everyone guessing until the very end.

Engaging characters and snappy dialogue make for a fun, amusing day in court.

Publisher: Wellsmith
Program: Kirkus Indie
Review Posted Online:
Kirkus Reviews Issue: Jan. 15th, 2015


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