JUNGLE BOY by Lysle Carveth


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A strange blend of modern interests (the Japanese Invasion of Luzon) and the moody, secret quality of the jungles and a culture that is rooted in ancient civilizations and beliefs. Jungle Boy, steeped in the spiritual beliefs of his people, is carried off by his God, the , and taken to the lowlands where slowly and warily the people of another way of life accept the strange lad. When the enemy comes, Jungle , again guided by his good spirit, leads the endangered people back to the mountains and his own people, for safety from the big guns. There's a fantasy quality not wholly effect by dramatic incident, and the illustrations by Anne Vaughan have caught the strange, quality of the child and his background. A strange place and a strange people are successfully interpreted, in an unusual story.

Pub Date: Oct. 3rd, 1945
Publisher: Longmans, Green