SAND IN THE BAG by M. A. Jagendorf


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Third in a series of collections of short folk tales (others: New England Bean Pot and Upstate, Downstate)- this time from Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Heard up and down the river and across the ridge from Wabash county to Belleview are tales about coal miner Jake and his faithful mule little Jack who helped him get rich by being so faithful; Seeley Simkins and his bull who, when ""words ran higher than treetops"" raced Tom Irwin and his horse, and won; the day John Brown got back at his Pa for punishing him; how the famous journalist Whitelaw Reid, developed his oratory powers by hog calling; and Georgie Boon who lived in the days when Hoosiers grew big as giants. Americana with a tri-State appeal.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1952
Publisher: Vanguard