THE HEALERS by M. D. Anonymous


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Shattering the fraternal oath of silence under a pseudonymous Anonymous, the doctor here who apparently trained in New York and practices in Chicago finds that money is the primary corruption which leads, like an open sore, to all kinds of secondary infections. Quite frankly nothing the doctor has to say will startle the more reasonably informed reader; still he says it so pleasantly, using actual cases from his casework or that of his confreres, that one reads it with interest; there are the problems of fees and faulty diagnoses; too many babies dying, too few doctors in training: gratuitous surgery... the venal private hospital... and the A.M.A. as the apotheosis of mercenary medicine.... Almost like Baume Bengue to Martin's Gross' stinging attack in The Doctors, which may well have taken care of the popular market at this, time, but it manages to be reasonably critical without being arrantly aggressive.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1966
Publisher: Putnam