WARHAVEN by M. Elayn Harvey


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Imaginative, hardworking but disjointed and starry-eyed space fantasy-plus-hardware jaunt. The Shaull (bad guys) and the O'Nel (good guys) are drifting into war over control of the mineral-rich Storme Tides, an asteroid belt near planet Julle. Mazzad, a space officer and Shaull royal, captures Brace, an O'Nel spy, and enjoys torturing him. On the way to Julle, however, prisoner Brace's ship crashes; he is rescued by Nyjehnn, a Cizrenhi, an idealistic race of sun-and-psi-powered observers living on Julle, unsuspected. Mazzad, grinding her teeth, searches for Brace; meanwhile Nyjehnn ponders a premonition that Brace will cause his death. There's a Shaull power straggle going on too, as Mazzad survives various assassination attempts. Then Mazzad captures Nyjehnn and attempts to torture him. Brace, along with Nyjehnn's beautiful blind sister Cintha, speeds to the rescue; they're all captured by some anti-Shaull rebels, who agree to pass on Brace's vital information (the Shaull intend to smack planet O'Nel-la with an asteroid); and Nyjehnn uses his mental powers to show Mazzad what a rotter she's been. A lucidly written debut, but the stuttering mechanics and cluttered, poorly visualized backdrop leave much to be desired.

Pub Date: Oct. 29th, 1987
Publisher: Watts