BE YOUR OWN JUDGE by M. Emett Wilson


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A Professor at Ohio gives a course in aesthetics for home instruction- and in offering no other dictates beyond enjoyment-he tries to help you determine why you like what you like, without placing any obligations on your tastes. In so doing, he brings appreciation down to a very personal level- but makes possible the extension of your enjoyment. A short explanation of our stimuli (the sympathetic nervous system; sensory responses; intellect; emotions) precedes that of aesthetic doctrines-- art for art's sake is replaced here by art for your own sake (and not the critic's- he is devaluated in a few words). But the main part of the book is a discussion of the individual arts- the particular appeal and function of architecture, music, painting and etching, sculpture, design, dance, poetry and prose, drama and opera, as well as handicrafts and hobbies. The purpose of the book is to intensify and widen areas of reception and enrichment; this it may well help to do.

Publisher: Abelard-Schuman