THE THIRSTY OAK by M. Janet Becker


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A quiet, well-mannered rags to riches pattern in British styling. David Flegg is a loved, if mysterious, pillar of Mandersford and satisfies his whim to return to Suffolk where he had lived as a child. This is the story -- of how he was sent to his grandparents after the death of his mother, and how, through an act of bravery, he won the respect of the lady of the manor, Lucy Greycoat -- and later the love of her daughter Hester, and the hatred of her other daughter, Sarah. Mrs. Greycoat starts David's education but when his grandfather learns of David's bastardy, David is sent to Dr. Bullian, who continues his schooling. Rumor starts seeping as to David's father but the secret is kept until it is too late -- for Sarah's jealously has driven Hester to her death. His despair and loneliness drives him away -- as he thinks forever. A leisurely, period atmosphere, together with a deep understanding of English farming country, gives this twice-told tale its interest.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1950
Publisher: Coward-McCann