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Those who like complicated world affairs explained away in terms of malevolent ""conspiracies"" will enjoy this book. Others will find the authors' contentions highly debatable, to say the least. Not the Russian Communists this time, but rather unregenerate Nazis are the villains. Sedar and Greenberg claim these Nazis with the unofficial backing of the Bonn Republic are trying--with a good chance of success--to establish in conjunction with the Grand Mufti of Jeruselum and the Arab League, a German-Egyptian Empire stretching from Berlin to Capetown and from Bonn to New Delhi. No matter how valid are the suspicions of the authors of the ""new"" Germany and no matter how well founded their fear of Nasser's intentions toward Israel, it is difficult to take this book seriously. The charges that remnants of Rommel's staff are putting together a new Afrika Korps in the Nile Valley and other items purporting to show the start of a new ""Drang nach Osten"" will require much more documentation than the authors present. The authors' case rests on the presence of large numbers of former Nazis in Egypt and heavy West German investments there. It is an unconvincing case. No doubt slated for later correction is the claim (which would interest the Israeli agents who finally found him in Argentina) that SS Col. Adolph Eichmann was adviser to the Egyptian Army. Author Greenberg is described as a contributor to European newspapers and Sedar as a scholar and traveler.

Publisher: Chilton