EYES ON THE WORLD by M. Lincoln Schuster
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Age Range: 1934 - 1935
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A brilliantly planned and executed photographic record of the year 1934, and the first part of 1935. An enormous amount of research and sifting and viewing with a dispassionate eye material that might -- or might not -- prove of real significance, has gone into this book, and the result, both artistically and through the underlying revelation of forces at work, is evident to any thoughtful observer. A summary of the headings gives some idea how this differs from the usual photographic record. The Front Page of 1934-1935; The New Deal at the Cross Roads; The Race Between Recovery and Inflation; The Race Between Intelligence and Catastrophe; People on Parade; Main Currents of Our Time; Man, Proud Man.

Pub Date: June 28th, 1935
Publisher: Simon & Schuster