DOLLY PURDO by M. M. B. Walsh


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Amusing frontier humor with mildly racy tall tales thrown in. After Dolly is orphaned, she and castrated alcoholic uncle Cyril and Cordelia, her black maid, go west to start a new life. They meet up with an outcast Cheyenne named Weasel who makes a living begging in a wheelchair. In search of gold, Uncle Cyril runs away with their money and the two girls are captured by friendly Indians who keep them as maidens. Cyril, after losing his way and eating his donkey, is absorbed into an inept bank-robbing team but Weasel, Cyril and the girls are reunited by chance during an Indian uprising and the girls eventually get into the bar business in Deadwood as madams, and then strike gold in the hills while burying one of their working gifts. Throughout the story the quartet meets with various Western grotesques: a fat man who can't rise from his chair because he's being overfed to death by his wife; a dwarf who loves Cordelia unrequitedly. Zany but not much more.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1975
Publisher: Putnam