RADE WIND by M. M. Kaye


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ero Athena Hollis, more foolhardy than wise, came from Boston to Zanzibar to work out a destiny foretold by an ancient fortune teller. She arrived in a manner as unorthodox as her subsequent actions: washed overboard, she was picked up by the renegade slaver Emory Frost. Once in Zanzibar, Hero's zeal for reform leads er unerringly to trouble, as she aids in a plot to back the rebel Prince Bargash against the ruling Sultan Majid, unwittingly supplying him with arms that, used, ost many lives. A love triangle emerges when Hero's intended fiance and cousin lay mistakenly uses Rory's slave mistress as a common whore and she kills herself; in return, Rory abducts and rapes Hero only to find his heart held by her. It takes cholera epidemic and its aftermath to dissolve old ties and differences...A yarn s heady as the Zanzibar spices, with no surprises but full of old fashioned romantic value.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1964
Publisher: oward-McCann