STATE BOY by M. O'Moran


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In 1952, this author wrote a fine Indian story, The Trail of the Little Paiute and now turns with equal depth and sincerity to the theme of a reform school boy's reform. When 10 year old Cloudy is sent to live with ""Mom"" who owns a ranch in Florida, he's a pretty soured character. He finds another boy Tommy, there before him, and, in Mom, an overflowing love which he and Tommy continue to reject for weeks to come. For Cloudy, inclined to lead Tommy back to the bad ways he may have forgotten, is convinced the world is out to get him and goes to extremes in retaliation- he eggs Tommy to play poker, he plans to burn the ranch, he overeats- robbing Mom of her dinner on which he ultimately gets sick all over Mom's nw pink blankets. To all this- and more- Mom persistently turns the other cheek. In spite of a recreant husband Gus whose return is doubtful, in spite of friends who try to persuade her to move into Palm Beach where life will be easier, in spite of her illness and a deed that almost sends the boys back, there is the growing spark of mutual understanding- the first small fruit of her efforts that grows ripe when Cloudy and Tommy realize the goodness in her and through her, in life. An exhausting eye- opener to the real problems of juvenile delinquency and an unsentimental picture of an altruistic personality.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1954
Publisher: Lippincott