WINTER IN TAOS by Mabel Dodge Luhan
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A difficult book to place. One that certain readers will find utterly delightful, that others will think too leisurely, too slight, too impersonal (particularly if they are looking for Mrs. Luhan's customary sidelights on famous characters, particularly D. H. Lawrence -- and her ultra-frankness in commenting on her acquaintances). But for that growing public that seeks a nostalgic thrill in any book on the Southwest, this is made to order. Here is Taos, not the Taos of the tourist, of the pseudo- artist -- but Taos as it reveals itself in the round of the year, to those who have settled there because they love its beauty and serenity and charm. Winter -- with its sense of withdrawal from the impact of the outside world, occupies most of the space; but the other seasons, vivid to the senses, come in for their share. Throughout, the personality of the writer, and her husband, an integral factor in her life, emerge.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1935
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace