NEW YORK FOR NICOLA by Mabel Esther Allan


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Stricken with polio-myelitis just when she is beginning to succeed as a concert pianist, nineteen-year-old Nicola stays far from the keyboard and clings to her home in London for security. An invitation--which her parents accept for her-- from an aunt to spend a few months in New York City forces Nicola to face herself. Although she incurred no physical defects from the disease, at first she seems only half alive. She is partially cured by the boat trip and completely rehabilitated by New York-- a city she finds more friendly and exciting than her native London. A brisk, preoccupied aunt, two bewildered children, a friendly uncle, and-- of course a handsome young man (who proposes at the end of the N.Y.C. visit) fill out the cast. The author has provided a refreshing perspective of New York realistically, but she weakens the book considerably by tacking a few unnecessary paragraphs on to the end in which all the problems of all the characters are settled with a few words as Nicola trips off to the pier to meet her American beau, who ever true, has left the stars and stripes behind. By the author of Romance in Italy (1962, p. 977, J-289), this is a low level story-- for girls.

Pub Date: Oct. 23rd, 1963
Publisher: Vanguard