BACK SEAT DRIVER by Mabel L. Robinson
Kirkus Star


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A difficult thing to do- successfully done, in what might well be one of the hits of the year. Here is fantasy in realistic terms, in the story of Riley, the doctor's dog, a fast-talking, egotistical wire-haired, who considers it his responsibility to sit beside the doctor and keep him out of trouble. Riley makes cracks at his master- and the doctor sasses back in the most companionable way. One day at the garage, Riley sees a miniature car used for display, begs for it, and learns to drive it. Then he lets the doctor go out alone, while he goes adventuring on the highways. They both have exciting times, but as the novelty wears off, Riley decides he is better at his old job of keeping the doctor out of trouble. It's delightful and funny and wonderful, as near to Dr. Doolittle as anyone has come. This is for your Freddy market.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1949
Publisher: Random House