HAVE YOU SEEN TOM THUMB? by Mabel Leigh Hunt
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In 1842 Philo Baraum, brother of the great Phineas T., came to see that unique, charming, intelligent little five year old Charles Stratton, son of a cleaning woman in Bridgeport. He weighed fifteen pounds, was two foot one, his feet were three inches long, he had stopped growing at the age of five months. This visit was the opening of a new world, for the little one went with the Barnums to the American Museum at Ann and Broadway in New York. He was dressed up in a General's uniform with a ten inch oane and became the favorite of the period of Greeley, Bryant and other great ones. He was in direct competition with giants, a bearded woman, Albinos, the fat boy, trained fleas, but Tom Thumb was such a hit that P. T. took him on tour in and out of this country. He was a sensation in the London of Queen Victoria and the Paris of Louis Philippe, he received the most marvelous presents including ponies only twenty-eight inches high. He became very wealthy as the years rolled on, retired, came back to help Barnum, who had had bad luck, married Lavinia and finally died at the age of forty-five in July 1863. A good biography for an extraordinary person.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1942
Publisher: Lippincott-Stokes