SIBBY BOTHERBOX by Mabel Leigh Hunt


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Sibby"" is an imaginary playmate, and many small children (I'd put them younger than nine year old Hannah, for the most part) have such playmates. Hannah's mother objects to Sibby with the same passionate ardor evinced by our own Barnaby's mother. But Bannah -- and Sibby -- have an advocate in the absent-minded author uncle, who demands share in her himself. Then the next door neighbor, Pertwood App, moves away, and a new neighbor, a little crippled girl, moves in and Hannah has a new -- and real friend, with a father who is a school principal with a Presbyterian upbringing. Even Hannah's colored mammy is delighted and all proprieties are satisfied. A simple little story, with an occasionally small-town air, and a sense of being dated rather than period in the setting of the South a generation ago. A comfortable story for the pinafore minded, but small moderns may find it a bit slow, and not quite up to Mabel Hunt's best work.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1945
Publisher: Lippincott-Stokes